Looking for advice on how to properly repair cracked wooden rib on fiberglass canoe

Our canoe got stuck on a hidden log in the river the other day and we heard a big crunch sound. Under the front seat, there are some cracks in the wooden rib on the bottom of the boat, right in the middle (see photo) No visual damage to the underside of the boat. My plan is to sand this down and patch with a strip of fiberglass tape. Please let me know if there is a better way to approach this repair. Thank you.

What did Navarro say? The wooden ribs are just a veneer and not structural. You could sand and apply epoxy to keep water out of the veneer.

I haven’t heard back from Navarro yet. That’s good to hear that the wooden ribs are not structural. So there’s no need for to patch with fiberglass then… nice.
Thanks for the response.

You were lucky. You can flow some marine epoxy unthinned onto the cracks. Tilt the boat and make the part being repaired as level as possible.