Looking for advice on thigh straps/rudder for SOT

I have a Hurricane Skimmer 140. It already has a rudder with toe control pedals. The one complaint I have about the pedals is that the control cables are higher than the coaming as show in this photo.

I’ve been thinking about adding thigh straps but am concerned that the rudder cables will interfere with the straps. I want to use both a rudder and thigh straps because I sail my kayak and want to maximize my control. Here’s a Youtube link.

I’ve been looking around for toe control pedals that route the control cable lower than the coaming but haven’t come up with anything. Has anyone dealt with this situation and what was your solution? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

I didn’t know a Skimmer could go that fast.

Could you add a small block to guide the cable lower? For example, you could attach something using the mounting bolt for the rudder track to avoid drilling any new holes. My crude image below gives an idea of what I mean.


This looked like a really good idea. Bad news was that I found that rerouting the control wire near the existing mounting bolt would cause the wire to rub against the red rod that adjusts the pedal position. Thanks for the idea though. It got me thinking in a different direction.

If I gave you some ideas, I’ve justified my existence for another day!

Your help was worth 2 days. Thanks!

Could you flop the whole assemblies to the opposite side and then somehow reverse the attach the cables on the rudder?

I suppose I can switch the pedals and install the assemblies upside down on the opposite side. That would keep the cables below the coaming but then the rudder would be controlled by my heels rather than toes. Not sure that would work out. I need to think about that one.

I wonder if a waveski quad belt would work. The mounting could be done with blind rivets. These work really well to transfer torque from your hips and legs to put the boat on edge. They look dangerous but I know many kayakers and waveski riders who have used them. I have tried them and the quick release works like a diving tank release or parachute quick release. I have not kept up with the competing waveski crowd so I have no idea where you would buy one in the US now. You might look up Solamanzi in France, or Fletcher Burton or ask around on waveski or surf kayak groups. (Here is an example in a video, there are better models, but I do not know who makes them)

SeaDart - Didn’t know these things existed. Would be a great alternative but I have a deck hatch located about 1” forward of the seat so there is nowhere to install the tie down buckle.

Put a downward pointing extension arm on the rear of the pedals. This arm will go backward (towards you) when you push the top of the pedal.

Install a longer rudder wire, and route the last part of it through a cable sleeve (like the ones used for brakes and gear on a road bicycle, but for course with only sea water resistant metal parts). The end of the wires goes to a pivot point on the lower end of the extension arm.

Install the cable sleeve in a U bent position, so both ends are pointing backward (towards you). One end in front of the paddle, and one end somewhere convenient beside you or behind you.

Now you should be able to operate the rudder fully normally, but you have no wires above the coaming.

(And no. I have not tried this. I am only thinking out loud.)

Using cable sleeves is a possibility. I keep looking at my current pedal/control wire configuration and trying to visualize the best way to make a modification along the lines that you suggest. Still working on it. Thanks for your thoughts.