Looking for advice waterproof iPhone cas

Looking at the LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case for 4 and 4S phones. Gets poor rating for sound quality but I do not care about that. Just want to make sure the $500 iPhone is safe in case of a kayak roll over. Need waterproof, NOT water resistant.

If you have used this case, what has been your experience? Given I do not care about using the phone when I am on the water, what other waterproof cases will ensure the iPhone stays dry if I am in the water?

works well

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I only use in around water and use a different, wallet case otherwise. I've rolled and such with no problem. Always do a first (and now and then) test with something like tissue inside to be safe. If you take it off and on then when you put it on be VERY sure to press fully around to ensure waterproof.

I use waterproof headphone while on water (when actually using phone or listening to music sometimes). This cuts wind noise and sounds better.

There's now an intriguing new version that actually exposes the phone glass and yet is waterproof. Idea seems sound but not sure how to test (like tissue test) without risking phone in test.

Cascade designs E Case works 4 me

They have a few sizes and I use them for various things I want to keep dry. I also clip them onto my PFD with a carabiner if I want them safe but easily accessible.

A guy currently

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paddling down the Ohio River has a lifeproof case and dropped his phone in the river during a hasty exit from the river during a sudden thunder/lightening storm. Phone was under water for about 15 minutes before he found it. Turned it on and it worked just fine. Stayed completely dry. Depth was about 8" to 12" from his description so not a lot of pressure on the case. His experience prompted my wife to buy one.

Plan B
After drowning a smartphone, I now carry a cheap flip phone and carry it in a Tupperware container. Takes a few seconds to swap out a SIM and good to go. Apple warranty will absolutely not cover any water damaged phone. And for what ever reason, they are more susceptible to moisture than other smartphones according to my local wireless shop (owner is a kayaker).

lifeproof case
I have my iphone5 in a lifeproof as do several other paddlers I know. We get pretty wet regularly. I’ve been swimming with mine in and no issues. The sound is not that bad. I leave mine in it and use the speaker phone all the time and Siri seems to understand me just fine. The small ziplock kind is ok but I like to be able to take mine out and use it easily to take pictures.

Cascade Designs E Case wins
Actually just bought a Pelican 1015 hard case and a Cascade Designs E Case. Like the Pelican for it’s impact resistance but like the E Case for it’s compactness and ability to take photos while kayaking. For me, being able to tuck it into a PFD pocket and take photos is the deciding factor. I just paddle flat water but those who paddle fast water might want to look at the Pelican 1015. It has an impact resistant case and will hold an iPhone, credit card, cash and your keys, but not much more.

Very odd - strange - and slanted

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A number of "these" threads pop up repeatedly and out of
literally dozens and dozens of manufacturers doing the
waterproof case thing - all we hear again and again
on Pnet threads are testimonials for 1 manufacturer.

Quickly becoming highly suspicious and skeptical
of this marketing hype for just 1 brand, repeatedly.
Especially when Pnet effectively represents millions of
paddlers USA and Canada from coast to coast.

Perhaps it is price point...........?

A quick view of 100's of images from various models

Mixed bag
I use a Lifeproof on an iPhone 4. Sound quality/volume is indeed reduced when holding it against your ear. Sound through the speakers is actually louder than without the case, due to the way the case acts as a resonator, but in speakerphone mode, I’m told that the I sound garbled and boomy. The case resonance probably works against the mic’s noise cancelling ability in that situation.

Also, the audio jack is not easily accessed. If you use your phone as an iPod, you have to remove a small, untethered, easily lost screw plug and then attach a dongle to use earbuds or to connect to a home or car stereo’s audio input.

One other caveat - the case’s charging port will only accept Apple brand cables. Most 3rd party charging/docking cable connectors are too thick to fit.

I use my case purely as an insurance policy against drops/weather/sweat/unexpected swims on flatwater, so it has never been submerged except when I ran the water test the company recommends before first use. If I’m on whitewater, the phone goes in my Watershed bag, still in its case.

It has performed well for me in lots of tough environments. I’ve dropped it from waist height (by accident) several times onto tile or concrete surfaces with no damage, and I have used it with wet hands or in the rain plenty of times. It’s also spent many hours in a sweaty bike jersey pocket, again with no problems.

In summary, the case has some drawbacks, but I do trust it to protect against accidental submersion.

not sure about dozens and dozens. A number of these are general purpose waterproof bags/cases that may not offer headphone access or quite as easy access to some buttons. Some are more resistant cases than really waterproof.

Lifeproof isn’t the cheapest but is very compact compared to many that are more like bigger cases or general purpose waterproof bags. I personally wanted to limit myself to those with headphone support. I think I’ve only seen maybe half a dozen that fit that and some of those have bigger drawbacks than lifeproof. I had one from H20 Audio that worked pretty well too.

The biggest negative reviews for lifeproof seems to come from those that plan to use it as a all around case including out of water. It’s satisfactory for that but far from ideal.

Quickie 5 second list

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Seido Obex
Optrix XD5
Mophie Outride
Incipio Atlas
Griffin GB35562
iOttie Case
DriSuit Endurance
Grace Digital Eco Pod

Epic Kayaks Cell Phone Case

Cascade Designs Cell phone case

Haven't hear boo about these and if I actually spend
10 minutes to make a list I'll have dozens to list