looking for Advise for Northern California 2-3 day trip

Hey everyone,
My wife and I are going on a trip to Northen California and we are looking to do 2-3 days of Kayaking (multi day trip). We have some experience kayaking and we’re pretty adventurous in nature we are looking for a multi day trip of water level of class I up to class II.
I was looking at Russian river but couldn’t exactly figure out were would be to entry point, exit point and camping grounds.
Would love to hear other options as well. What we mostly want is nice scenery and as secluded as possible and wild. You know so we feel.lime we’re discovering uncharted territory :).
Last as we are not fron the area we would also love for recommendations as to wear to rent Kayaking gear. We do have camping gear with us.
Thank you all.

Already responded to part of your question over in the Advice board (https://forums.paddling.com/discussion/2938899/northen-california-trip). If you do go for the Sacramento River, Headwaters Adventure Company in Redding would be a good option for rentals. https://headwatersadventure.com/

Thanks Peter.
It looks pretty promising. Donyou have by any chance information about the Russian river? Or any other suggestions were to go? Thanknyou very much

I haven;t paddled the Russian Rover, except near the ocean. The parts you want to paddle go through wine country, which is all expensive lands and locations, so there are access issues. Even stopping to get out and take a break is sometimes a challenge, with local landowners limiting access to shore. You would definitely need formal campsites, and I don;t know where they are (if they are).

Water levels are very dependent on weather.

When you get closer to the oceans, the winds can be rather strong pushing you back upstream.

Does it have to be river? There are some flat water possibilities, like Lake Tahoe or New Spicer Meadow Reservoir. http://www.paddlingcalifornia.com/Spicer_Meadows_Reservoir.html

The Russian River is crowded and has lots of private land. The flows vary tremendously. Probably the most popular canoeing river in a crowded state.

The Sacramento has endless possibilities below Redding. Few people run it. There are some salmon fishermen in the fall. I have run the Sac countless times. Cold water. Hot weather in summer.