Looking for Advise

I am a large (5’11" - 260lbs) intermediate paddler, I like to paddle Florida’s millions of inland waterways as well as the ocean. I used to have a Perception Captiva but over time the bottom of the boat warped causing issues. I would like to move up to a fiberglass boat but the sheer number of choices out there are mind-boggling.

I would like to identify 3-4 boats…that are a well rounded performers in lakes, inland waterways, and the ocean and that can handle a reasonable amout of gear on longer excursions. Basically a jack of all trades but master of none? I am looking at the Impex Serenity, QCC QX500, and the NC 17 Overnighter.

Maybe some of you out there have had some experiences with these boats and can share your wisdom with me. Thanks and happy paddling.

tempest 170pro
i guess that i will be the first to mention it…

I Was Thinking the 180

Solstice GT

Wayne Horodowich uses the Solstice GT and can do just about anything in it. You should be able to get in and out without much trouble and it’ll hold quite a bit.

There are 2 reviews on Impex Serenity, 35 on QCC Q500X and 10 on NC17. That may tell you something. Wonder what your final decision is.