Looking for another kayak

I currently have a kevlar QCC kayak which I love however find it difficult to bend knees into the cockpit. Would like to sell it and find a fiberglass sit on top kayak, recreational or touring. Anyone know of a fiberglass sit on top, at least 12’long?

Thanks, Bill

not aware of any in FG
I could be wrong, but I’m not aware of anyone who makes an actual fiberglass sit on top any more.

Epic makes the V6 which is a hybrid of FG, Kevlar and carbon fiber, but it is 16’.


Eddyline makes a 45 lb thermoformed ABS SOT, the 12’ Caribbean:


Stealth kayaks
Stealth kayaks, out of South Africa, makes composite sit on tops. There is a shop in California, Headwaters Kayaks, that is a dealer. Not sure if there are others.

Not a SOT but…

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But if knees are a problem and composite is the desired material, how about a Placid Boat Works Spitfire or Rapidfire? Lightweight pack canoes...

For a composite SOT, there is the Current Designs Ignite. They call it a surf ski, but at 16' by 24" it seems more like a SOT to me - it's based on the Solstice hull, which is a classic sea kayak form.

Hurricane Kayaks
I think Hurricane kayaks are decently light, but not fiberglass. They are made of Trylon (ABS).

Current Designs
used to make a composite sit on top that was called Kestral 140 Sit on top.

It was a sweet fast boat.

I don’t think they still make it

If you can find a used one, that would be just the ticket.

Jack L

Stellar S14S
14’ recreational surf ski with two hatches.

I think there’s one listed used in the website classifieds right now.

made a FG SOT but I don’t see it on their current website. Maybe you can find one on the used market.

report from an Eddyline Caribbean owner
Bearriver, another forum participant, recently posted his experience owning an Eddyline Caribbean, the l SOT I suggested earlier (htough he has the 14’ and I recommended the 12’ model since you had specified you wanted a shorter one). Here are his comments, which gives a good indication of the qualities of that boat:

"If you want to go lighter, you could look at the 14’ Eddyline Caribbean, it will be a little more expensive but still will hold you and gear easily and is sort of a “Bay Cadillac” - and is my go-to boat for interacting with cross wake from power boats and jet skis, which it excels at. It also will float in extremely shallow water that would bottom out a regular kayak, so I can get out of the traffic if needed or explore areas with wildlife. It also has stayed upright in river rapids up to C-2. I can keep up with people in rec boats easily with this model. Recently I have gotten to try a faster boat - and now am really appreciating all over again how this model steers.

The only difficulty I’ve had is that when I start hefting it up or taking it off the truck, with the straps released, because it “is” such a big kayak but relatively light weight, if a sudden gust of strong wind comes up I can nearly get knocked off my feet if I am on an unlevel surface and holding it sideways. I’ve learned to scout the conditions before starting to untie the kayak, will turn the truck to point a different way if necessary, and I’ve literally had one time again this past month where it tried blowing off before I had it trussed down when I was done- got to love those evening Delta breezes! "