Looking for backcountry paddling trip options

I currently live in Virginia, where back country paddling options are limited compared to up north. It’s possible that the wife and I may move to New England next year, which would solve just about every problem I’m having find a place to paddle to a backwoods spot.

In the mean time… I’m hopeful that someone out there can point me in the direction of a place to paddle to a truly primitive spot on flat water somewhere within a day’s drive from my home state.

I have all the gear and my own boat, I just need the solitude.

Are you looking for a day paddle, overnight or multi-day? There’s some out of the way places in eastern North Carolina, e.g. lower Roanoke River, DIsmal Swamp, Merchant’s Millpond, Lumber River and even a coastal overnighter like Hammocks Beach State Park.

Look at the West Branch Susquehanna Water Trail in north Central PA. Though parts of it go through small towns and farm areas, it also goes through some lovely deep forested canyons with primitive camp sites. It has been proposed for National WIld and Scenic Rivers status and is 223 miles long. I don’t know if you can still get the excellent Water Trail map set for it – the lumberheritage.com site used to sell them. Has everything you need for planning trips along it

I’d love to do at least 2 nights if the drive is going to be pretty considerable.

The lower Roanoke with its multiple platforms could be used for a 2 nights https://www.roanokeriverpartners.org/pf-home.aspx.

The Lumber River would also work or for even longer trips with multiple accesses and designated primitive camp sites. https://www.ncparks.gov/lumber-river-state-park/activities

Not sure where you are in Virginia… but here are some western North Carolina options:

New River (South Fork, North Fork and crossing into Southern Virginia)
The New River State Park has paddle in campsites available.

French Broad River Paddle Trail has paddle in campsites available.

Lake James State Park has paddle in campsites available.

Fontana Lake borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which has backcountry campsites available, some of which can only be reached by boat.

Also check the Locations Map | Paddling.com for other options.