looking for background info on old town White Canoe XTC75243D686

Hi, picked up this canoe and was wondering if anyone could provide some background info on it. I’ve read White was a competitor to old town and was bought by OT back in the 80s. I was wondering when this boat was built and for what purpose. its pretty short and beaming. missing the center yoke and seat canes which I plan to repair.

You forgot the picture… EM White was one of the founders of Old Town Canoe. Yes Old Town bought the White molds in the "80s from Clint Tuttle who had the White molds…
You may be interested in this interview with Jerry Stelmok who still builds EM White based canoes

The last four characters of the HIN indicate that the hull was certified (built) in November of 1986 for the 1986 model year.

The hull serial number is 75243, which may or may not give some indication of model. Some makers just applied serial numbers in sequence to hulls as they were certified with the United States Coast Guard. Others used numeric and/or alphabetic codes in the serial number to denote the particular model. I have no idea what Old Town’s practice was.

XTM is Old Town’s manufacturer identification code (MIC).

If you post a photo along with an overall length and maximum beam measurement, someone on this forum might be able to tell you the model.

OT numbers were sequential and don’t offer clues to the model.

thanks for the response! pics prob useful;) its 12’ long and 42" wide.

I’d give a shout out to Island Falls Canoe Co. Jerry is probably the best source of info