Looking for Bart Hauthaway Canoe info?

My neighbor has two canoes that were built by Bart Hauthaway for her husband. She has decided to sell the canoes and asked for my help to post them. My problem is I have no idea where to start on value/information and was hoping for some help and advice. Both canoes are in great condition and are red and white with a blue stripe. They both have the Hauthaway Kayak label inside. #1 - Rob Roy canoe, 10’6". #2 - Downriver Touring, 14’8". Any help or information on these kayaks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

They may be pictured through this link

Googling also showed that a modern builder is laying up the Rob Roy design, and charging quite a bit for it.

My thought is that the Rob Roy might go for $500 if it is in good condition. The other boat might go for a similar price to the right buyer. To advertise, try to penetrate the New England boat collector market.

Hauthaway was a legend in small boat making in the '70’s.

I would say these boats are very collectable and could fetch a very good price.

Hauthaway canoes
Where are the canoes located?

I would be interested in the Rob Roy if not too far and the price was reasonable.