Looking for BIC Borneo SOT impressions

I’m not finding much in the way of reviews on this kayak so I am hoping one or two here has had the opportunity to paddle one. Thanks

Looks like a do everything but nothing
well boat.Probably good for families and beginners. I’m guessing.

Look at some other choices …
If you are planning on paddling this as a two adult one child kayak, it’s only 13.5 ft long. In the videos you can see the stern paddler is having difficult paddling without hitting the small child sitting in front. In their video the kayak bobs up and down as it moves forward (not a good sign of hull design), and you can tell the kayakers are sitting fairly high and the boat will likely have poor stability in choppy water. The Bic plastic construction makes it look like a pool toy.

There used to be two other boats that could do the family thing fairly well. Hobie Oddysey, I owned one and it was very well made a pretty decent family kayak (not that great for choppy ocean conditions or the old Ocean Kayak Malibu II (very stable in choppy conditions but slow to paddle.)