Looking for "Broken" kayak paddle....

I have an Idea, and I was thinking someone on P-Net might be able to help me. I am looking for a 2 piece kayak paddle with a broken blade. Sounds nuts?? read on…

I just bought a carbon kayak paddle, and don’t want to take a chance breaking it while I get in and out of my kayak. I was thinking if anyone had a wood (preferred, but must float) kayak paddle with a broken blade they wanted to sell really cheap. I would cut off both paddles and have a two piece shaft to use as my side support when getting in and out of my kayak. I would like to have 48" to 50" as a final length.

Send a e-mail reply to me if you have something cheap I could try.


I don’t think
You are using your paddle correctly for entering your kayak. Properly done, you will place little or no stress on your paddle. The paddle is used to steady the kayak while entering, not to sit on as I have seen others do. You sit on the kayaks, cockpit rim/rear deck while gettig your feet into the cckpit. The pressure of your arms/hands while "wiggling"in should be against the kayak, not the paddle shaft.

Accidents happen…
Accidents happen. Also I am 54yo, Big Boned & Muscular, and some overweight (270), and don’t get as much excercise as I should. I am not a real novice, as I canoed for 10 years with the boy scouts, and this is my 4th season in a kayak. Getting in is no problem. My balance and “form” is fine. I get in with little or no strain on the paddle.

But… I like to get out and paddle a decent distance with friends. For example Saturday morning we did almost 8 miles, per my GPS. By the time we were done, I was pooped for sure. I was tired and getting out was a bit clumsy. I also have an Impex Assateague I am still getting used to. At 22.5" wide, it is a little more demanding to get in and out of than my last kayak.

My dealer told me that Carbon Blades on a paddle can be a bit brittle, and could be broken if I over stressed them getting in and out. So to be extra careful and protect my new paddle investment I thought of the idea of a two piece paddle shaft to use when getting in and out. After I get better with the kayak, and perhaps my endurance will improve, I may be safe using the paddle.

I can’t afford to go buy another carbon crank paddle if I destroy this one, so my idea of the paddle shaft popped into my mind.

Thanks for your reply.

Alternative idea
Maybe you could make a two piece “stick” out of aluminum tubing, or wood or even PVC, using a bit of larger tubing for the ferrule. I’ve seen some aluminum telescoping tarp poles, but they might be more $$ than you’re looking for. Just an idea.


What about a spare paddle?
How about using a heavier fiberglass paddle as a spare and using that to get in/out of your boat. Once in you would have to store on the front deck, but you would at least be carrying a valuable spare paddle around with you rather than a two piece pole. I hear you about the carbon paddle … I cracked the shaft of one getting back into my boat after a lunch break. Good thing I had a spare with me that day!


why not just use a broom handle?

After breaking a paddle…
I stopped using that entry method. I’ve found it much easier to simply straddle my yak in 6-8" of water and just plop my rear down into the cockpit. After taking a couple of paddle strokes, I then tuck my legs in where they belong.

Good ideas so far…

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Thanks for the good ideas so far... I wanted something small I could stick inside the cockpit with me. I hate a cluttered deck.
I do have a spare paddle, but there is no way I could use it to get in and out, and still keep it behind me under the bungies.
I actually have an Ash Boy Scout hiking staff I cut down to 50", It works, but it is too long to keep inside. Again, I like a clean front deck when I paddle. Just an oddity of mine.

I'll figure something out. But if anyone has a broken paddle laying around they want to get out of their way, please let me know.

THANKS & Happy Paddling!

That Makes Sense!
It is good to have an extra paddle, anyway

Be Careful
how you store “something” in side. Don’t want it to interfere with your wet exit, should that become necessary :slight_smile:

Schedule 40 grey PVC…
Take a 10’ section of 1.25"ID, cut it to a 23" section and a 27" section. Take a 1"ID piece and cut 8" to make your ferule. Cement 4" into the 23" pipe, leave the other half clean. Both pieces are now 27" long and together make 50". You can use a set screw, cotter key, or detent pin (as shown on Tom Yost’s website under frames)type connector to keep them from sliding apart. You can even plug the two finished pieces so they float.


Maybe you have the wrong carbon
paddle. I would expect a Werner or similar paddle to withstand the forces of entry and exit. I have a custom kayak paddle with carbon blades, have owned it for about six years, and have had no problems whatsoever entering/exiting WW kayaks, which often involves much rougher and more variable circumstances than rec or sea kayaking.

Also, properly designed carbon blades are NOT more fragile than glass blades.

cheap kayak paddles
If you really want to use another paddle for entry/exit, Academy sells some cheap aluminum shaft kayak paddles. Too heavy for long distance paddling, but fine for your purpose. One was $22, another $30. Cheap insurance against breakage of a good paddle and good for a spare. They are break aparts so don’t take up much room inside the yak.