Looking for canoe. How to check I out

-- Last Updated: Jul-21-15 8:49 PM EST --

Hi all. I'm new here. I'm recently looking for a canoe, used for $$ reasons and I'm looking for some advice on how to check it out before I buy. I don't think I will be putting it in the water so is there any way to check for leaks other than a good hard looking over? Anything else I should know I would love to hear. I'm pretty new at this.

Thanks for any help


check that the rivets are tight on aluminium canoes and that there are no tears. Minor dent are fine - unless along a seam. Plastic - if it says Coleman then leave it unless you need a flower planter or mosquito pond. Otherwise look for cracks that can be seen from the inside. Roylax - check that it hasn’t been worn thru to the foam core. Fiberglass - don’t worry about cracks in the gel coat. Do look for damage on the inside. Push a bit on the bottom from the outside. It shouldn’t be too soft.

Fill it up with a garden hose
See if the ground gets wet