Looking for Crate Mate Jr

Looking to buy a Crate Mate Jr. I know they are discontinued but if anyone has one to sell or a place that happens to have one let me know.

They look perfect so I can’t believe they didn’t keep having these things made. I didn’t find anything else that is as nice as these are.



look for these as well
Check out Precision Pak for four very similar products. Also, Native has a similar setup out now called the “Fishing Buddy” and “Collapsible Fishing Buddy”.



Either one of those would work for me. Thanks for the info as it is much appreciated.

Went with this
Well I ended up ordering a setup from Cabelas to put my milk crate in. Looks like it will be a nice setup for the money.

Once it arrives I will get it setup and take some pics and get them posted incase someone else is interested in one of them or something similiar.


Please do
I look forward to seeing how you set up your fishing craft.

I like these …

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..... and have been using them almost exclusively for longer than I can remember in various sizes to carry tackle , and other stuff ... very easy to get along with and keep your stuff organized and "dry" . The handled top is great for moving around and can be tied off if needed .

They are OK for food and drinks for a day trip too .



Playmate Igloo coolers , many can be found at flea markets , the large ones are especially handy , the small ones are handy too ...

look , comes in pink for the ladies also ... http://www.huntingfishinginc.com/noname4.html

Can’t wait to get all the stuff setup and test fint into my new kayak. My brother should have his kayak in the next week and then we will both be setting them up and hitting the water to fish in them for the first time. I will get pics of all the stuff once they are setup.

Waiting to get everything in is the worst part!!!

Bag is here
Ok the new bag showed up today. Very nice for the price compared to some. I will get some pics tommorrow if I have time. Without putting any of my stuff in it though I can say it is what I was looking for so.

It does have a shoulder strap setup so I can carry it around as well. Nice added feature. Also has two rod holders, and room for my milk crate to fit in it but it does come with panels for the inside of the bag to keep it formed so if you didn’t have a milk crate it won’t be a problem.