Looking for Current Designs Kestrel 14' SOT

Looking for a Current Designs Kestrel 14’ sit-on-top, preferably with the open stern compartment. Anyone willing to sell yours? Suggestions on additional places to look? What other models would be comparable to this? It needs to be lightweight and 14’ or longer (14’ is the minimum for the sea kayaking group here in Florida). This model is crazy popular in Florida. Not sure why they discontinued it.

I have a Stellar S16S at 16’ and 35lbs I could send south, but the group is going to have to work to keep up with you.

See you on the water,
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Kestrel 140
That is my favorite SOT…We’ve had them camp with us and they keep up just fine in open water.
Two versions, first had molded in footpegs and lower seat, this is my favorite although I didn’t like the foot braces.
Second version had real foot pegs but the seat was raised…
Either one is a fine boat, good luck

Friends of mine were looking for a Kestrel 140 SOT… We saw some old listings that sold fast. I was searching CL in south Florida daily and found two like new Gen2 SOTs . My friends immediately called and bought both of them.
The listing was up and down in less than a day…
You have to be fast to pull the trigger on those sweet SOTs
Good Luck…