Looking for fast kayak

Just sold my Walden “Vista” kayak, and am looking for something faster.

I paddle quiet bays and do no ocean stuff at all. But, I’m 75 yrs & been paddling for over 15 yrs. I just think its about time for a faster boat before I leave this paddlin’ world…

I’m 5’8" and weigh 225 lbs. Want to spend no more than $1200.

I’ve looked at the Perception Carolina 16, Necky Manitou 14, and Wilderness Tsunami 14.5.

Have’nt test paddled them yet, and will do so this Saturday.

I would appreciate any info and advise from fellow paddlers.



Aint we supposed to be smelling roses?
I was hopeing that by the time I was fifty my love for speed would start going away. I see now that for some of us it never goes away. God bless you.

Prijon Barracuda

Have you looked at the
Perception Eclipse older model 17 footers.

I am only a few years behind you and mine has gotton me a bunch of medals in the tupperware divisions of races.

It is also a great touring and expedition boat.



The Carolina is more…
…of a rec boat.

Oh, it’s a nice touring/rec boat, but as far as

fast, well, I think you’d be disappointed.

Many to chose from
Coming from your Walden Vista, there are so many boats that will probably seem faster. I know it was that way with me coming from a Necky Zoar Sport. Bottom line is you need to demo many boats to find what is fast enough for you, yet has the stability you want too. I have heard the Carolina 16 is pretty sluggish.

Sometimes having a faster boat isn’t about being faster than other paddlers. I paddle a lot on tidal waters. Having a faster boat means being able to get from one point to another successfully when you are going against the current. It means being less concerned when you are fighting the wind to. It means being able to schedule a paddle around the rest of your life, not just the tide conditions. I have a Perception Torrent and a Futura II and they are extremely different in how much the current or winds effect progress on the water.

If your physical abilities are not what they used to be a faster boat may allow you to still paddle tidal waters.

At least this makes a good argument when you are trying to convince your SO you need a new boat!

Used eft at 33# is fastest in touring class at blackburn or usca. www.westsideboatshop.com or used epic.

Manitou 14
I’d suggest looking at the Manitou 14. Longer boats will be faster, but at 14’4", the Manitou 14 is pretty quick. -faster than the Tsunami.

It is also less than 50 lbs, and has a skeg.