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Anyone own, or have info/experience on, either the Cobra Eliminator or the Riot Endurance? I’ve read the reviews on this site for the Cobra Eliminator (but still would appreciate any new insights on this boat) and noticed there are none for the Riot Endurance. Length, SOT-style, and price are the limiting factors which have led me to these two boats.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Cobra Eliminator

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I got a used Cobra Eliminator a few weeks ago. Seems plenty stable to me but I'm used to a solo marathon racing canoe which has a much higher seat.

Not much storage area but nice for exercise paddling, moves pretty well with a wing paddle. I'm still mastering the rudder. Needed to adjust seat and footbrace to fit me. Should be plenty sturdy. I carry upside down on a Thule rack with a canoe carrier and it's stable there.

Haven't tried the Riot Endurance. From the picture online the RE looks like it is a bit shorter (15'10" versus 16'6") so may be better for lighter people, the RE has more storage room (the CE has space for a lunch and that's all), and the RE won't have as effective a footbrace or rudder as your feet go off to the side on pegs versus a rigid brace with pedals on top.

If you want to use your legs paddling and weigh closer to 200 lbs or over, the Cobra might be a better option, while if you don't use your legs or won't use a rudder, are lighter weight or you want more storage space the Riot might work better.

-- Andrew

Thank you for the info

Thanks for the good info on the Cobra Eliminator. I also appreciate your insight on the differences between the two boats.