Looking for foot braces

This may seem stupid but after a couple years, I am realley getting tired of paddling my Mallards without foot braces.

So an e-bnay search turned up one set and an internet search turned up none as did a P-net search and my kayak catalogues.

I suppose that since all modern kayaks come equipped, no one needs to sell them???

So, anyone know where I can buy a couple sets of foot pegs for my kayaks without breaking my already strained checking account (just spent the car pmt on an islander SOT for my daughter)?

look in the
Accessories part of the board, the review part of the board and then a check of the websites for Yakima, Sealine and I found a nice set at the Prijon dealer. If you have a local good dealer try him/her.

Duck Works

Chceck out clcboats.com

check in with paul p. here - - -
he just removed them from a kayak and probably would be happy to sell them.

Paul P.?
Can you give me some more info on how to get in touch with him?