Looking for gear lists

I’ll be canoing a small Missouri river over Christmas and New Years for several days. I have a few gear lists that I’ve used, but I haven’t been winter canoeing for 4-5 days in a while. Does anyone have any lists they could share? Feel free to email them to me: luke@enterlife.net or if you know of some out there on the web that are good.

I know that each list is customized to meet the needs of the individual, and the gear is based off the persons knowledge. But I’m just looking for a good place to start. Thanks.

Some clothes? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Start with this list http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=772962

I use a gear list and it helps me cut down the time it takes to get packed to go, and also to reduce the amount I pack. Without a list I wander around the house more and throw in more “might need” items.

I try to make myself use the list before I pull away and before I put on, but it is hard to have the discipline. Before I pull away, when I get behind the wheel, I try to pull the list out and go over it one last time. Should be second to last, because I should do the same in the boat, and seldom do. That’s how I forgot the first-aid kit on a ten-day river trip. Fortunately, the only injury on the trip was by the boy who was along. On day 3, he cut his hand whittling with his pocket knife. Duck tape and tissue to the rescue, lucky it didn’t get infected.

I customize the list for each trip. I put a word file at file:// or http://home.comcast.net/~chipcanoe/Gear_list-Raystown07.doc (since it is a word file, I don’t know if http will open it. If not substitute file: for http: in the url). It changes. The Raystown list was for a car camper. If I go in the kayak, the list changes. And winter vs. summer, the list changes. I will email the list from the ten-day trip, also. Good luck.


Make two checklists
One for all the gear you pack, and another for all the stuff that goes in the car.

Don’t ask me how I know :slight_smile: