Looking for Gel Coat Makeover Tips

Hi all. This is my first post here. I’ve enjoyed reading the helpful info, stories, and tips.

I have a Mohawk Kevlar49 17’1" canoe that I have been taking on the Cahaba here in Birmingham. As you SE folks know, its been tough to find water deep enough to paddle through over the last year.

I have finally given up and decided to find a royalex or poly hull to use in the rocky and shallow rivers around here, and give my Mohawk to my parents who live in P’cola Beach, Fl.

Before I do that I wanted to clean up the hull a bit just to make it look nice again for them. It is (was) a beautiful boat. There are MANY gouges and scrapes from me being stupid and stubborn this summer. Its all cosmetic, but I’d still love to be able to improve things if I could.

Anyone have any tips? I was considering finding some colored (red) wax and trying that first. Any materials I should avoid?

Thanks in advance.