Looking for good how-to books

I’m always looking to expand my library and since my wife and I would like to get back into camping, I’d like to know if anyone has some suggestions on good books that detail the best strategies for canoe camping. What sorts of gear to take, foods to prepare, stuff like that. I already know a lot of basic things, like wilderness first aid, carrying a VHF radio and a weather radio. Having a back up for the camp stove such as weatherproof matches and a spark lighter, etc. Just wondering if there are any good books that go over the whole backwoods on-the-water camping experience, preferably in a format that is engaging and reads well - humorous anecdotes and such. Suggestions?

There are Many Books/ DVD’s Out There

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Personally, I like Cliff Jacobson's books and DVD's:


I have found this DVD to be especially useful: http://www.cliff-jacobson.com/forgottenskillsdvd.shtml

Note: A VHF radio will be useful only in areas that the U.S./Canadian Coast Guard, or other rescue agencies, monitor (e.g. costal areas, the Great Lakes, etc.).

There are many areas, for example, the Adirondacks, in which a VHF radio will not be able to summon help.

See you on the water!


The first one looks pretty good
I like the description on the first book you mentioned. It sounds pretty much like what I was looking for. The others sound like they’re more some camping tips mixed in with a basic canoeing instruction primer. I don’t really need any canoeing instruction as far as that goes, more something that would talk more about camping logistics and such. I think I’ll probably go ahead and pick up a copy of that first book. Thanks for the suggestions.

The two best books I have
Cliff Jacobson’s “Expediditon Canoeing” is excellent. Abother book in the same vein is Bill Mason’s “Song of the Paddle” (the book, not the movie). Other things to think about.

There are also some great handy tips in “The Canoeists Sketchbook”, by Robert Kimber, which in my opinion is a must-have book for any wilderness canoeist.