Looking for Grumman mast

Drove past an old Grumman for sale on the way home. Turns out to be a sail rigged 15 ft w…original sail. only item missing is the mast. Google was no help.

Any ideas…or any laying around in your yard???

You can make one.

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If I only had a brain…

The only true dimension I’ve been able to confirm is the diameter. I can measure foot but need idea of clearance spec’d Being a Gunter rig it appears to be a very short mast.

Any thoughts on how to size?

If you can find a diagram like this, and you know one of the dimensions (like the canoe length or length of a spar) you can use that to figure out the other dimensions. https://canoes-for-sale.com/grumman/canoe-sail-grumman-canoe-45-square-foot-lateen-rig-all-original-parts-57323

Boy luckily I’m self employed…been all over the internet looking for info all morning in my office.

Kevburg, thanks for the link, good pics of the mast bottom…not sure where I’d find that fitting to match the fixture in the bottom of the canoe.

Here’s the pooch…couldn’t pass it up for the price.