Looking for Help-Southern California-Learn to Flatwater Double Pump

Is there anyone in So Cal, orange county, that knows how to flatwater double pump and can show me? Online Videos are not working for me. I can roll 99.999% and I can lean clean (I think based on videos), but I cannot get vertical without assistance from a float. Once vertical I can also “stall”. So I am looking for help on getting vertical with a double pump. If you can assist me, I would pay a reasonable amount for someone to teach me.

Thank You

Assuming you have a very short boat with slicey ends? If not you are going to have to be pretty heavy for the boat. There are several members of the San Diego kayak club who do whitewater Gilbert might know someone in your area who does playboating I’ve posted the contacts page below. You might also give Jenn a call at Aqua-Adventures she probably knows a coach who could help you out.


Thank You. I am out of town now for a week, but I will contact Jenn when I return. Actually I took a class from them once a while ago.

I should have mentioned it, I am using a Dagger Jitsu Playboat and a Werner Player Paddle

Well in this case silence is not golden. Oh well. Nothing at all.

Here’s a link to ACA certified instructors. There’s a number of whitewater certified coaches in CA you can contact via email.

I noticed on youtube Eric Jackson just posted a how to video on doing a double pump … I think it is probably from his old whitewater basics video, which is a pretty good place to start if you are teaching yourself.