Looking for help

Hello, I loaned my kayak out to someone for a short period of time and they returned it damaged. Unfortunately the kayak is no long made and I can not find replacement parts. It’s the original Current Designs Squall (not the new Squall GT) and I’m in search of replacement parts for rudder. Does anyone know where I can find the parts. Thank you for your time.

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I have a similar Squall coming to my Store Friday with a busted rudder. I’m replacing it with a SeaLect Designs TruCourse rudder which is just about the same dimensions as the original. Different operation to deploy and retract on a single uphaul line rather than the loop & lever of the original. I’ll try to take pictures of the process.

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As @Marshall pointed out there are after market rudders available. SeaLect Designs (Formerly SeaDog) makes excellent ones. My wife swapped out a Smart Track rudder for a SeaLect designs rudder years ago after the third set of cables failed. No troubles since.


Thank you very much.