Looking for idea for stern motor mount for Inflatable Kayak

Although I have made a workable , side mount, it has its drawbacks. Weight distribution being one. with the mounted motor being forward, it makes tandem seating a bit tight.

Stern mount would solve that problem, but presents 2 more.

  1. need for control handle extension
  2. making an off motor switch

one work around could be to use paddle as tiller and leave motor straight and simply disconnect battery lead to stop the motor. (Could be dangerous practice).

Intex has a mount for their “boat” which could be made to work on kayak tubes. Only need to buy four of the glue on mounting clips .

Then comes the task of launch - need to wade out to depth so that motor shaft and prop is not making ground contact. Landing - same problem.

am I missing anything?

You might have more luck getting info on a fishing forum. This is a “paddling” rather than a motor boat group, after all.

Okay…moved to fishing.

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Here is what I’ve got so far. Mediocre, yet functional. A limiting factor was the ability to transport inside of automobile, otherwise, I would have made the mount with longer struts to function as stringers. Once inflated, the mount is held in place solidly by the pressure of the side tubes.