Looking for ideas for a rack to clean my 17' aluminum canoe

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 17’ grumman aluminum canoe and have been searching for a rack or system people use for cleaning such a large canoe. I have a paved driveway but the canoe has a protruding seam that runs along the bottom of the canoe so I don’t want to damage it or lay it on it’s side and scratch the side. I am hoping to see some pics of homemade racks or links to a product that will allow me to wash the inside of the canoe and be able to drain it with ease. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


Saw horses. It ain’t that dainty. I have two 8ft beams for canoes/kayaks near the water. Think really long saw horses. If you want to, cut a “V” in the beam for the “keel”.

Or a web loop on saw horse verticles.

Or some pvc bents with canvas cloth seat.

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I sunk some old tipi poles in the ground and screwed some cross pieces together. Than I added a a nylon strap across the top of the poles like overstreet’s photo above. The boat is close to 4 feet off the ground which is the perfect working height for me. It cost nothing.

Saw horses again.

Saw horses topped with split rubber or closed cell foam pipe insulation

Or strips of indoor/outdoor carpet.

I have a couple of folding horses made out of electrical type PVC (schedule 80).

They are two pieces loosely bolted together so they fold. Short pieces at the bottom work as feet and a line keeps them from going too far.

The Grumman is a heavy beast, though, might be safest to lean it against a wall so it doesn’t fall down.

Mine are steel with a board bolted to the top. They fold up but are stable when set up. I’ve built 2 boats on them.

Try some Alumabrite and you can clean it on the ground.

You can also look out for a couple of director’s chairs at yard sales.

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