Looking for info about my Kayak

I just bought my first kayak & the guy it came from said its about 15 years old. Sorry I’m not sure how to add a pic, But its a medium green color 12ft Perception Carolina. Has the same size hatch covers front & rear. Says Perception around the rear cover. I saw a brochure on Ebay for the 2001 model year Perceptions. Those Carolina’s look like this years(red/yellow). Hopefully I’m describing my boat well enough. Just wondering if its older than I’m thinking. Thanks!

Old Catalogs

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You can take a look through Perception's old catalogs here:


The early Carolinas (1999-2000) had 2 round hatches, but they were 14.5ft long, not 12.

Look for the HIN
Look for the hull ID Nunber on the stern. That will give you all the info.

Last two digits are the year it was made
Look near the stern

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Thanks for the help everybody! According to the brochure & HID its a 1999 model year & is 14.5ft. Rain Forest is what they call the green. It is a bit older than he said, But its okay. Its in decent shape so I can't complain. Great help & Thanks again!

Condition trumps model year.
The boats sometimes sit around a shop for a year or two before being sold and they don’t make changes very often. Unlike a vehicle, the year made is way less important than the condition.

Good luck, GH

Almost a year late, But Thanks grayhawk!