Looking for info on an old Crozier

Oh wise ones; I need your sage knowledge.

I bought a Crozier J200 over the weekend and am trying to find some more info on it. Im wondering if you guys could tell me anything about it.

The guy said it was originally owned by Carl Busjahn (some of you in the WI area might know him from Carls paddle shop) and he raced it in the late 80s/early 90s. Im wondering if I can track down the year it was made and determine if it is the older design or the newer design of the J200.

I dont see any name plate/ID tag on it. It has a unique feature that might help identify its time of manufacture though; the sliding seat is mounted on a kevlar base. It is a kevlar rectangular box with a semi circle cut out of the front and back that is glassed right into the floor. I have never seen this style of seat mount. It also has a sliding seat and adjustable foot brace, but the older style footbrace with the bar and wing nuts. The boat is all kevlar with a diamond foam core and ribs up the side.

Does anyone have measurements of the old J200 vs the newer J200? I think I read that they moved the start of the Wings back closer to the seat and reduced the gunwale width at the seat. does anyone have the old vs new measurements?

Did Crozier put ID tags or serial numbers on his canoes 20 years ago? Or any other identifying features? Apparently Everett is so cool/in demand he doesnt need a website (props). So, short of calling him I dont know where else to look. Any help is appreciated.

On a side note Im pumped to try it out! I got my cold water gear ready to go and my boat is calling my name… Also, if you’re racing c1 in the Minneapolis area watch out! (just kidding) But if you want to do some training together, message me. Im out on Medicine Lake a lot and all over the metro frequently.