Looking for info on folding kayaks

I have a storage problem (apartment living), but would like a light touring kayak with decent speed. I like the specs and price of the Folbot Cooper. Are there any other similar Makes or Models near that price range ($1200 - $1600)? I am 6’ tall 200 lbs.

here’s something
http://faculty.bus.olemiss.edu/jwee/kayaking2.htm check it out, could be useful to ya.


That report is from
the Cooper’s first appearance on the market. It has been greatly improved upon.

thanks people

Pnet ADS


(NY) Cooper Folbot, 16’6"x24", 35.5 lbs, yellow deck, black hull, 34"x16" cockpit, fits in bag 42"x18"x8", great cruising boat with oversized safety bladders, deck is faded by the sun. $650. 40 miles N of NYC – Submitted by: didj