Looking for info on Oscar Scherer SP

In Florida ?

Has anyone ever stayed there and could comment on it.

We are interested in staying there for about four days and were wondering if we could get three or four good day trips of paddling ?

We have already read about it, but would like some first hand experience.

Jack L

almost creepy
I’ve spent the bettet part of the day planning a winter trip to Florida in my camper. Too late for most places but I’ve been thinking about fort desoto and Oscar scherer. I’m awaiting these answers.

Ryan L.

Awesome Camping!

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My husband and I love OSSP! We camped there many times. The sites are pretty private and tucked away. We paddled only one day, so I can't comment on how much canal there is do to. The canal we did paddle was beautiful.

There are also quite a few geocaches in the park that I highly recommend!


I think this late you will have trouble

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getting into Fort desoto, but there are plenty of openings at Oscar Scherer.

Jack L

ask Steve Scherer
his brother oughta know

Nice Spot
OS is very nice. I believe it can fill up in the busy season, so planning ahead is a good thing. The Myakka River is also nearby if you need more paddling locations.

I enjoy looking for scrub jays there.

Thanks we have been to Myakka
many times, including the lower lake and its outfall, plus paddling up river from Snook Haven.

jack L