Looking for info on the Little Manatee

River in Florida, and the Little Manatee river State Park.

How is the river for paddling ? Is it wilderness, or residences on both sides ? How many day trips can be had on various sections of the river? Are there various launch sites along the river

If you have paddled it, would you go back?

I am also interested in the state park if any one has stayed there

Jack L

Above I-75 there is very little
development. Amazing since it is so close to “civilization”. Bing maps aerial photos shows what’s there. Have no knowledgde the park.

One of my favorites.

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I've paddled the river (more like a creek) for about 14 miles upstream from the state park. Narrow, shallow, canopied, beautiful. The canoe/kayak launch is tricky, being wide concrete steps, the last of which can be quite a ways above the water when the tide is out. No problem stepping into your Keowee, but I wouldn't want to try to get into a sea kayak cockpit from that high. But you can also launch about a mile downstream at the youth camp area and paddle out a short canal to the river.

I've also camped there several times. Only 30 campsites, very quiet.
Wildlife I have seen there: bobcat, coyote, gators, diamondback rattler, other snakes, gopher tortoises, red-headed woodpeckers.

You must be the last snowbird to discover this park, as I usually have the only Florida plate and only tent when I camp there.

edit: Looking back at your post and seeing your questions (would be nice if when responding we could see the OP) I would say that it would be good for two day trips, one upstream of the park, one downstream. I have not paddled the downstream part, but upstream you can also launch at the 301 bridge, and there is another bridge further upstream that I've launched from, too. There is very little development upstream, feels remote: lots of wildlife, lovely scenery.

NC Snowbirds?
I don’t think so

Not derogatory,
my own brother spends the winters in NC and I call him a snowbird. Folks don’t know what they’re missing, leaving Florida at the best time of the year.

He must winter on the coast
Where I live in the mountains at elev. 3200 feet it is very cold and we usually have a snow pack, (except for this past winter)

Jack L

I meant summers.
He spends summers in NC in the mountains, winters in Florida.

Personally, I think winter in Florida is the least pretty time of year, but I know some people really don’t like the heat and humidity. I do.

Jack, do you have these links?
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