Looking for info. on the Prijon Motion

-- Last Updated: Feb-28-10 2:59 PM EST --

New to kayaking - still waiting to get on the water and try some out - and right now I am very interested in the Prijon Kodiak because of what I have read about its performance and stability - it seems like a boat I can learn in and enjoy for a lot of years. But the Prijon Motion seems like it might be a better fit for me, as right now I plan on doing a lot of day tripping (coastal waterways, lake, ocean) and 1-2 night excursions. But unfortunately I haven't found much information on the Motion. The marketing says it is for smaller paddlers, but I read some reviews that stated it had plenty of room. I am a little over 6' tall, weigh 185 lbs, have a size 11 shoe and am slender with long legs. What I have read makes it sound like the motion is fairly comparable to the Kodiak as far as performance and speed - maybe a little more maneuverable with slightly worse tracking - but there's not a lot of info out there. Just hoping someone can give me some feedback on the Motion and their experience with it. Any help is appreciated.

Hi , I have the 14’ Prijon Calabria model …it’s 25" wide compared to the Motions 23.5" width. A few inches shorter and a few pounds lighter than a Motion. To be honest, i would not call the Calabria a fast boat, regardless of Prijon’s claim. speed is relative to number/effort of paddle strokes per minute …I can’t keep up with my friend in his Carolina 14’ boat. The calabria @ 25" wide is pretty stable. I would expect the Motion to perform similiarly as it is roughly the same size with the same hull shape. Going into the wind, my friend left me in the dust…I had to put the muscle to the paddle to keep up with him. Prijon’s fame is it’s toughness. I’d take the boat for a test spin first, if at all possible , then decide.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I’m moving out to the coast in a few months, and I can’t wait to get there to try some different kayaks out. Not a big demand for touring/sea kayaks where I’m at right now, but I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. Right now I’m just chomping at the bit to figure out which ones I want to try first.