Looking for instruction in SECT area

I’m fairly new to kayaking, and looking for a place or person in the South Eastern Connecticut area to help me learn some basic skills like bracing and rolling. I know the Kayak Center in Road Island does this, but they are an hour away, so I would like to try and find something a little closer.

an hour
for good instruction?

you maybe hard pressed finding ‘good instruction’ closer than THAT!


Some options


or go paddling with:



A few more.
Along with what was posted, you can get lessons from the Norwalk Boat Shop and Wilton Outdoor Sports. All kayak shops have instructor affiliations.

In ConnYak we have practice sessions at Cedar lake in Chester every Wed evening. from around 4:30 till 7 or so. Casual gatherings, anyone’s welcome. Loads of information and skills are shared.

The ConnYak group is extremely knowledgeable also recommended is I think his name is Greg Paquin of kayakwaveology which was previously mentioned.

Thank you for the information
I had not found any of those places via google.