Looking for kayak storage in New Rochelle, NY

Didn’t realize how lucky I’ve been being able to store my 10’ kayak in the garage. Moving into a co-op and need a place to store it.
Any suggestions?

You’ve probably thought about this:

Public park with kayak racks?
City Island club, Touring Kayak Club of NY I think is the current name, might have storage
Self storage unit, one of the small garage sized units. I know a guy who runs an entire kayak business out of one of these! But it’s not cheap. The advantage of this solution is that you could store all of you kayaking gear with the boat, so it’s in one place when you want to use it. And it’s out of the weather and away from prying eyes and bolt cutters.

Thanks Bobonli. I appreciate the tip. I’ll check it out. Problem is that I’m a stone’s throw from the New Rochelle harbor and would love to find a closer place.

Answer - Different kayak. Point65 Mercury or Martini. Each section is no more than 60" long. Get the Mercury, move you’ll move up to a touring length in two 5’ sections as the bow tucks into the cockpit section.

Maybe you could try advertising locally to rent some space in someone’s garage. If you lived near me I’d do it!

Maybe you could find a marina near where you customarily paddle that will give you a reasonable rate. The New Rochelle Municipal Marina advertises kayak storage.

Ouch! It’s $175 for the summer for residents, plus another $175 for winter storage if needed. But to me it would be worth it if it provides convenient water access within walking distance.


Based on the number of kayaks in the photo, a lot of people are using it. Factor in the cost of lots of 303 protectant to avoid UV damage.:

Welp, also not having to car top the boat to the water. Sounds like a deal to me even with having to make you way past the motor boat traffic. Appears the drivers should be used to avoiding kayaks if they store there.

I have scouted out the kayak storage arrangements for senior communities around me. While they exist, they are decidedly not as convenient as the back yard.

175 goes nowhere nowadays.

Put a note on the bulletin boards around the area. Sometimes you’ll find someone who’ll let you store it in their yard or garage for $25-$50 month.

You never know….

First ,I want to thank all of you for your suggestions. A little late - I first posted in March. So-where has my kayak been since I moved into our co-op. It’s been stored in my former neighbor’s garage!!! I really lucked out.
That’s about a 25 minute ride from where I currently live,
Checking out marina kayak storage racks I see that the majority of boats are plastic.
Mine is not.

I know that there are a couple of Stellar and P&H kayaks on those racks as I’ve delivered them to that dock. A Danuu or Salamander Tour Wrap bag will keep the sun and seagulls off your kayak.

Possible alternative: back in my apartment days I hung the kayaks from hooks in the hallway ceiling.

Are you referring to the New Rochelle marina. Found a more user friendly one for me in Rye.
Still, most of the kayaks stored at these marinas are plastic. High level of paranoia.

Great idea, if I were single and had the room I might just do that.