Looking for kayaking buddies

Hi there I am jason 50 yr old male located in south eastern part of virginia …general location southampton county in franklin/courtland virginia area .I am currently looking for a group or just anyone to go kayaking with.lots of nice places to go kayaking just looking for others to go kayaking with

As suggested in the Retired thread, have you checked Meet Up for your area?

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What is meet up never heard of it

Meetup is a web site for people to get together with shared interests. There are groups for most activities.

Checked it out really wasnt seeming a group that applied in my area but thanks for suggestion…guess I just keep kayaking alone

Nonsense. No one has to go out alone. You have a good community out there on Facebook. They will be more than happy to meet ya and show you around too. Kayak Enthusiasts of Hampton Roads VA and NC. Definitely check them out! I live in NH and have paddled with a few of them when I work in VA. :smiley:

I’m around people 24/7 so I like paddling alone. Plus I paddle fast. It’s fun to go out with the wife and kids in the tandems but it’s not the solitude I seek. You’ll end up running into another paddler that would like company, just give it time.