Looking for Kayaks for the family

I could use any recommendations for recreational kayaks, I’ve been looking into Advanced Elements kayaks recently and really like the convertible and sport and I think I will buy them both once I can find them available. I would like to have one now and thought about getting a hard shell one for around $400-$500.

Or one large canoe for everyone.

How many kids and how old are they?

14 and 17 both boys

G’day…I have a Necky Arluk 1.9 kayak that has been in my shed—not used—that I would be willing to sell you for $400. The kayak is 18ft. X 22. It tracks like a train and has a bit’ of rocker in the hull for easy turning. The Necky has a rudder. This Arluk is the kayak Ken Fink used in the 90’s to paddle the east coast of Maine. Let me know if this helps you.