Looking for Kevlar Felt, not the cloth.

So far I’ve only found one website that sell’s it. Went to two Marine supply distributors today with no luck, they’ve heard of it, but never have ‘seen’ it. Same stuff you put on for skid plates. Would like to know if there are any other source’s to compare selling price. Only saw a mention of it on the Dupont website. And has anyone used ‘G/flex Thickened Epoxy Adhesive’ by West System ? Looks like an excellent high strenth, flexable adhesive. ‘Has a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 psi to absorb the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration.’ I bought a kit, it should work on the 4’ boxcutter type slice down my Royalex hull just past the mid-point, going back to the stern. Which has ‘flexed it’s way to a roughly 14" ‘through’ slice finally.

(It’s like someone sliced the wrist on my boat, a near fatal gash. But, it was a very sharp rock a few years ago.) I feel it’s pain…

I’d like a ‘old’ new one in good condition, but I won’t settle for anything less than a 17’ Explorer, Duckhunter or Revelation from MRC.

Back to the original Q. Any other sources for Kevlar Felt in your area ?

One source might be…


Not sure if this is the right stuff

BMO Stocks It

Davey and Jennifer Hearn have the product at Sweets

Raka has it

60" width $25 yard


40" width $21 yard

I bought one yard several years ago and have installed skid plates on 12 canoes. Still have some left!

I use US Composites epoxy.


I just used it to repair the footbrace rail that had torn loose from its moorings in my EFT. It did not run, even when applied at an angle and its thick viscosity made errant spills, etc. nonexistent. The bond seems excellent, perfectly fitted for an area that will receive repeated stress cycles. Plus, there’s next to no odor, actually a pleasing, almond smell… Good stuff.

Wow, quick reply’s, thank’s to all
I’ll probably get one yard from the Raka site. Thanks to all. Love the help you can get here, good info from all.

But how is Kevlar felt related to fixing
the slice you describe? You should use S-glass on the outside of the boat, and Kevlar cloth on the inside. Kevlar felt will have less strength than a cloth layup, won’t match the flex of your hull, and will soak up a lot of resin = weight.

just cut up 8 custom kevlar skid plates

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one yard for for 34$! got a sheet from sweet composites and have some small skids left over from between cuts. one set is good for a small craft and the others fro medium. anybody interested?