Looking for lost seat to canoe

My son borrowed my canoe and lost the middle seat. It is a fiberglass canoe by Northeast Outfitters. Nowhere on the canoe is a model number or name, just a registration number. I can not find where to get a replacement seat. Can anybody help me?

Northeast Outfitters
Oh those kids…

Northeast Outfitters is Dick’s Sporting Goods house brand. If you look around the stern of that boat you’ll find a small Hull Identification Number (HIN). HINs have been put in all boats sold in the US for decades (by law). This number will help you communicate your needs to Dick’s. If the HIN is missing someone removed it, but even if the HIN has been ripped off Dick’s should be able to help. I understand many canoes sold under the N.O. label were made by Old Town. It shouldn’t be a major problem to find a replacement seat (but yeah… a PIA).

Thank you
Thank you very much. I written down the number and will take it to Dicks tomorrow.