Looking for more books.

I am looking for a recommendation on a book or books on the basics of reading tidesand such. I know that the best way to learn this sort of thing is to pair up with an experienced person and learn by doing, but in preparation I like to research a subject.

Anyone have a recommendation or two. I have found some titles that include basic seamanship and navigation which is also very welcome but would like to know if there are any personal favorites out there.

As always, thank you in advance.


The American Practical Navigator
commonly just refrred to as “Bowditch.” An online version here http://www.irbs.com/bowditch/

The hardcover is about four inches thick.

Looks like a good source, thanks.
anyone else have a suggestion?


out of print
but a classic “Waves and Beaches” by Willard Bascom. He was an early-on Oceanographer who really wrote the book on the subject of W&B’s.

I’m reading his “The Crest of the Wave” right now! :slight_smile: good stuff.



If you enjoy doing research and looking into things I would also recommend a book on coastal navigation.

Eyges, Leonard

The Practical Pilot. Coastal Navigation by Eye, Intuition and Common Sense.

It was written for small boat sailors and is therefore more tailored to the conditions paddlers encounter then Bowditch. Bowditch is still a wonderful resource you just have to adapt the techniques.

Thanks guys. NM