Looking for my first WW boat

I have done a good bit of paddling on flatwater and on slowmoving rivers. My wife is starting to get into the sport so am going to give her my rec. boat and get me a new WW boat. I am a big ole boy 6’2" and about 240lb. I am looking for a boat that I can grow into(with my skill level).

I am looking for a good all around boat that I can run big wate when I get ready and can still playboat and paddle down slow rivers with my wife. I might be trying to bite off more than i can chew. Thanks for all your help.

canoe or kayak. if
you are thinking kayak, check out the same question “whitewater boat help” by tinkerbell, page 2 of this same subject area. He states he is about 250lbs…There are quite a few answers to his same question with some websites.

Thanks for the info I didn’t relize that somebody has already posted this topic. thanks again.

For a new-school boat, the Jackson
Superhero. For an old school boat, perhaps the Prijon Chopper. Steer clear of pure playboats, as they will be deadly slow on the flats.