Looking for my next kayak

I have a Nighthawk 16 by Eddyline. I love the kayak for day trips and weekend camping but I am looking to take some week to two week trips. I know I will have to sacrafice some manuverability to gain speed and storage but would like to minimize my loss.

I looked at the Falcon 18 by Eddyline and liked the speed of the kayak but did not see where I would gain very much storage.

I think I have narrowed it down to the follwing kayaks but am looking for some input from others who have paddled them. I have test paddled these kayaks but not with gear and for only about an hour a pice.

  1. Impex Cat. 4
  2. Current Design Caribu S

    Thx. for your input.

You have a nice boat
that can easily take you on a two week trip with careful packing…easily! So you don’t need another boat, unless you just want another boat?

you don’t need another boat…
Until avaialable space or material resources are depleted, most folk want another boat :wink:

It contributes to their sense of well being.

Besides the Impex Force IV is a very nice boat.