Looking for New England cold weather paddlers

I’m an experienced paddler and have my new drysuit on the way. Looking for people to paddle with who are similarly equipped for cold weather paddling. I live near Lowell, MA. Anyone care to get together for some fun in the cold?

Rivers, ocean? What are you looking to paddle? I’m an open boater and paddle all winter, but not the ocean.

You’ll love the drysuit - best investment in paddling gear I ever made. Even better than my boats.

I live near a boat ramp on the Merrimack River and paddle there often. I love the ocean, but understand an open boat would not be ideal. I’m up for anything except whitewater as my boat is 17 feet long.

Post when your drysuit comes in - we can do something after Christmas - I think we will be able to find some open water.

After 12 years in a sea kayak, i recently got tired of the crowded shoreline and got back into a canoe. I was a 4 season paddler with the appropriate skills (BCU 4* Sea) and judgement, and plan on paddling whenever i can during the winter. I’m good in moving water say Cl 1, for now. My drysuit is on it’s way to Osprey Sea Kayak to have the neck gasket replaced, but after that will be good to go. I am also checking out my area as the cold weather takes hold to see what is open and what is not.