looking for new places in upstate ny

Mainly the capital/saratoga region…mainly calm waters to paddle and fish. I’ve exhausted my stored brain resourses and looking for some lesser known/populated waters and access.


yourself a copy of the "NY Atlas and Gazateer."It covers the whole state in topo map form.Good luck!

Maybe you need to go back to the places

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you've paddled and take a closer look. I find that each time I'm on the water, no matter how many times I've paddled there, new things to look at and contemplate. I'm retired and don't have much income to spend on gas to get to new places. I would if I could, but can't. But, I've found great satisfaction paddling the lake that's 2 miles from my home. Its rare that something I haven't seen before doesn't pop up. And, for fishing, nothing beats familiarity with waters you can fish on a regular basis.

for your replies–I will get the atlas ANDre explore waters!

All the places in upstate NY have been there for a while. :slight_smile:

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NY lakes
find the lakes in Greene county north and South lake Hunter also colgate lake in tannersville small but great scenic