Looking for Nylon Flat Webbing supplier

I’m having trouble finding a source for 2" wide silver or light gray flat nylon webbing (like used in seat belts). I only need 5 yards of it. It doesn’t even need to be new if it is in good condition since it is not going to be used for any loads.

Also don’t want to spend more than $1.50 per foot.

I’ve found a number of sources so far, but none have silver or light gray color.

Any help is appreciated!

strapworks dot com
Strapworks has 2" flat nylon webbing in various colors including silver grey: http://www.strapworks.com/Flat_Nylon_Webbing_p/fnw2.htm

But seat belt material is not nylon, it is polyester. Strapworks also has 2" polyester webbing in a silver grey color: http://www.strapworks.com/Polyester_Webbing_p/sbw2.htm

If you want used seat belt webbing go to a junkyard and cut out some seat belts.

2nd Strapworks.
I’ve bought from them in the past and have had good service.

Mcmaster Carr

Ultra Abrasion-Resistant Nylon Core Webbing 2" Web Width, Gray, 4800# Breaking Strength

In stock at $0.94 per Ft.


Nylon stretches, loosens, much more
than polyester, so if that would be a problem in the application under consideration, polyester should be the choice. Stands up to UV better than Nylon, too.