looking for paddlers in North East Florida/Georgia

Who would like to some primitative camping in areas like the upper Suwannee River, Okefenokee Swamp, etc. I go down to the Ocala National Forest a lot also.

I wouldn’t mind being on your list. I’m still working and have a lot of other responsibilities, but perhaps I could join you once in a while. My primitive camping skills used to be first class. I don’t think I’ve forgotten too much!

Since I am a snowbird with a six week escape each year I am a poor candidate. Though in March 2018 we will be homeward bound about the tenth Up for anything if we can find storage for a small travel trailer
We’ll be in the Juniper area 22-25 Feb

Tjalmy, you are on list, just let me know where and when you want to go.

Kayamedic, if you want some company when you get to Ocala National Forest let me know. I can help run shuttles and if you need a place to stay in your travel trailer I have a vacation cabin down there.


I live in that area but don’t camp anymore.

Interested in doing any day trips then?

Still looking.