Looking for paddling friends Wisconsin

I am looking for people to paddle with in Wisconsin.

I live in dodge co. WI. and travel all over to paddle.

I have a friend to stay with in the U. P. near the Wisconsin electrics wilderness shores project. It has many miles of land around lakes and rives with NO houses and nice camp sites. alot of the paint brule mosenee and monominee rivers are owned by them. I have cleared a few creeks this year I can show you some fun runs in dodge county. any you can show me lets trade creek routes?

paddle next season?


paddling buddys
Hey Joe, I may have talked with you before. From the twin cities area, & paddle all over as well. Mainly class II-III ish,Duluth & SNF area & some E. WI rivers. Overnighters as well. WI runs on list for next season. Shoot me an email & we can trade info.

glendorado5 at yahoo.

Check out meetup.com. There’s lots of paddling groups not too far from you.

Also google “milespaddled”. You’ll find a couple guys that have extensive paddling experience in WI. They post very nice trip reports, maps…etc…

Thank you
wow meet up is great! I was trying craigslist dating sites. What a waste of time.

many great groups in my area and they are as crazy as me!

Winter camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiers,

a funny one The 5th annual frozen butt hang. Winter hammock camping! LOL I don’t know if I am that hardcore.

and a bunch of paddling groups.

This was a great tip and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think you may have just ended my quest to find hard core outdoor enthusiasts in my area. I found so much to do I can’t do it all in one life time but I am going to die trying. wooooo hooooo


you’re welcome…
Yeah…lots of groups doing lots of stuff. (CL dating ads…yikes!! :slight_smile: Shoot me an email if you’d like some additional info on various local MU groups and MU in general. I ‘found’ MUs last March and have attended quite a few events…it does get you out doing stuff…having some fun…and meeting good people. I’ve organized just one event so far, but will do more next year when I have more time.

If you’d like to meet quite a few people all at once…then attend the Packer game gigs with Boomers at the Highland House (good food too).

One comment on the butt hang-guy. That Adventure group is less than a year old and is an anomaly to a great extent. While the guy that runs it appears to have lots of knowledge to share, he seems to be running (attempting to run) a guiding business through MU. While this doesn’t seem to be against the rules, it “swims upstream” from what the intent of MU appears to be…people finding people to do activities they enjoy. It works.

…and this just in…
I just ran across another paddling group and thought I’d pass it on. The Park-to-Park paddle looks crazy. I may have to jump in next year. I stumbled across this on the Fox Valley Yakkers group.



locks paddle
I have done the locks paddle it is great fun you have to watch the time laps video I am the black boat with the orange trim in the back of the pack and left rear in the lock. :slight_smile: Hope to see you there I could not make the pizza lazer tag. I know Nick charges and it does not seem right but he has some gold credentials. And if you do the first aid one you get a certification and he is cheap for that certification. I am trading fire starter pack I made and chaga for the entry on the deep freeze weekend. I am in other ones too.

hope to see you out there


charging on meet up
I know is seems wrong but I have to add that there is no place I could find that has 2 day wilderness training and camping anywhere near the price and he is all about teaching and getting people outdoors. What he is doing is a good thing! He is getting people like me that can’t afford a $600.00 weekend.The same training for less than a $100.00 I am getting wilderness training that there is no other way to get thru him. I believe his heart is in it for more than the money. He invited me to reattend the first Wilderness training and camp again for free. He may just want me to make my famous camp fire cinnamon doughnuts on a stick but thats ok with me! LOL


WI Slalom Race group
There is a beginner Slalom Race on the Wolf River May 21 2016

Look up the buttercup canoe and kayak Series


Dodge Co paddler
Hey Aqua,

Not sure if you’re still active but I’ll rez a dead topic if it adds another paddler who knows his stuff to a group. Me and a friend are heading to the boat ramp by Rutabaga Paddlesports around 11 am tomorrow if your interested. Otherwise just shoot me a message and we can go from there. I’ve mostly paddled in Waukesha and Door Counties so I don’t know squat about Dodge co waters.