Looking for Paddling Partners for the Wabash River Area West Central, Indiana

Just moved back into the area north of Terre Haute, Indiana. Happy to be back on the Wabash once again! I’ve done hundreds of miles on the slow Wabash and know parts of it very well. Looking for like minded people that have a passion for paddling in my region. I paddle a Clipper Sea Canoe most of the time. But also Standard Canoe .My goal this year is to spend as many days on the water as I can covering this part of the midwest so I’m very flexible on locations to meetup for day paddles. Multi overnighters are also ok too. May be interested in a long road trip such as S. Dakota Kansas City or some other event yet undiscovered by me. I love big water the most but small streams are great for wildlife viewing and my wife and dog might even go in the smaller more scenic lakes and rivers. I can be reached by email at [steveretz1@gmail.com]. I’m retired so my schedule during the week is wide open. Lets make 2019 a big year for paddling!

Do the silver carp cause you any difficulties? I cannot take my dogs in the canoe any longer on the Wabash or White due to the very real possibility of having one jump in the boat and injure them as the fish thrash around very violently when they do wind up in the boat.

That’s crazy. Invasive fish are a disaster for river ecologies. Is there no effort to eradicate the bastards?

They are just about impossible to eradicate. They are bottom feeders that proliferate prodigiously and simply crowd out other species.

In Indiana if you catch one accidentally or it jumps in your boat, it is illegal to return them to the water. Bow fishing for the jumping carp has been encouraged to some extent, but I doubt it has much impact.

Asian Carp are a nightmare scenario for the Great Lakes: https://www.cleveland.com/nation/index.ssf/2017/08/ohio_acts_to_keep_asian_carp_o.html