Looking for partner who interesting to come to Mongolia

Hey guys . i’m looking for paddling and fishing partner who interesting to come to Mongolia this september

Wow, that’s a fascinating proposal.
I can’t, but make me dream of coming!
Have a good trip!

What a country.
It always reminds me of Nevada on steroids.
Buddhist herdsmen. It is like a dream. I like the traditional practice of transhumance and moving with the seasons. The Rhythm of LIfe.

I have wanted to visit Mongolia for most of my life, since I read in an illustrated world history book my dad had in our home library with tales of the Mongols and their horsemanship and beautiful grasslands. Reserved a space on a 3 week guided trip there in the early 1980’s (which would have included cross country skiing and staying in traditional gers) which was eventually cancelled when the outfitter could not get enough people enrolled to finance the trip. And missed the chance to participate in a joint archaeology and biodiversity survey project there 10 years ago in the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve. I see that project has revived and might look into it for next year.

The problem this year is that the resurgence of the pandemic is resulting in closed borders, quarantine mandates and airport transit restrictions for US citizens (due to the collective failure of too many of our stubborn neighbors to cooperate with public health measures.) I have already had a reservation for a trip to New Zealand necessarily delayed twice because of pandemic restrictions.

And Mongolia itself is high on the list of places with serious covid infection spread – the US State Department recommends not traveling there right now. Overall infection rates there are 5% of the population but since most are centered in Ulan Bator, the capital, the infection rate there is around 10%, same as the USA.


So, I’d love to join an adventure in Mongolia but this would be impossible that soon in the future.