Looking for Pat at Onno

Does anyone have current contact details for Patrick at Onno please? I’m trying to contact him to get a couple of his Gas pedal/footbars. thanks for your help.

From his web site.
This is our phone # (858) 405-0652.

paddleshop@hotmail.com is our email.

That address works.
Busy time, he may be hard to reach by phone.

i predict
He will be on this post soon. It’s still 730 in the morning. Just call. He’ll call back.

Ryan L.

Gas pedal footbar
What is it? And how do you use them in a kayak/canoe?

Don’t try too hard.
Leave a message and be very patient. Patrick works on his own time. If he feels like you are rushing him, he won’t sell you anything.

Interesting business model.