Looking for Piccolo kids boat

Not too long ago I was advised on a Piccolo kayak for my son who is at best, 85 pounds. he is 12 years old and does fantastic with my older Necky spike. A very respectable paddler for his age and boat. He now wants something that he can perfect his skills. I am looking for a used boat like the Piccolo or I believe another boat is the Episea. Not sure. It should be about 22 inches wide and about 14 feet long. I have seen some older classifieds with Piccolos for about $300 but those classifieds are expired. perhaps one of you may have one in the garage and willing to sell and find a way to ship?

Looking forward to any and all replies.



Tsunami SP
Add this one to your search list. We find them terrific for kids and petite adults. As a newer boat model, you may find them going for a higher price, though. I see a used Piccalo listed on the Atlantic Kayak Tours used kayak sheet for $150, but this is upstate New York.

Alan Mapes

Norrie Point Paddlesport Center


The elusive piccolo
Thanks for the tip about Atlantic Tours having a Piccolo. They no longer have any of them available. The Tsunami is a little too wide for my son and he get’s lost on the wide seat. We tried one out and he felt lost inside of one. It may be a couple of years before he has the bulk to fill a small adult boat. I will contibue to search for the Piccolo or possibly the Episea. Please, to all readers, keep an eye open for any of these boats.



How about
a Perception Carolina 12.0 XS Junior? It looks like this is what used to be called the Umiak. Sierra Trading Post has them for under $300.

there is one listed for sale right now
on the portland, oregon craigslist: