Looking for Potomac River Paddle Partner


I am looking to go paddling on the Potomac river near Rockville, MD. There is a launch called Seneca Creek Landing. It looks like it will provide access to the Potomac.

Has anyone launched there before? I think it looks like a nice easy paddling. I am looking to paddle for an hour or two at most.

Just to be clear, I have a sea kayak, not a white water kayak.



Seneca Creek Landing
It’s better known as Riley’s Lock and is an easy launch point. The parking lot can get a bit crowded. Not far away is Violet’s Lock, which requires carrying a little further but also works.

Your enjoyment depends on time of year, the height of the river, and your outlook. Especially at dawn and dusk it can be beautiful and peaceful. Late summer (like now) the sea-grass can be something you need to paddle through to get to clear water.

My partner prefers not to go through the grass so we keep going back to Black Hills Lake or Tridelphia Reservoir. Each is $5/day and I like Tridelphia more, as it has very few other boats by comparison.

You ought to be able to find paddle partners in the parking lots of any of these.

I started my paddling career in about 1961 paddling up the C&O Canal to Violet’s Lock and then paddling the river back to the boat rental on the Virginia side.

I set up a senior class canoe trip in 1968 on the same route, and we had 50 guys camped at Seneca. Fifty girls came that night to join the party. Good times.